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Facility Use

Thank you for taking the time to formally request the use of our facilities!  In order to request any facility in GISD, you must first become an approved requester!  (Unless you are an employee of GISD, employees are already approved).  There are a few requirements in order to be approved:

                  ⁃ You must have liability insurance which covers your group

                  ⁃ If requesting for a student group or team, at least 50% of the students participating must be                                        students of GISD… and documentation will need to be provided to prove those numbers.


If you need to apply to become a requester, simply fill out the form here:


Once your application is approved, you will be added to the drop down list on our facility request forms.  Once added to the forms, you may request facilities using the 5 forms below:


GISD Athletic Facilities


Elementary Campus Facilities


Intermediate Campus Facilities


Brooks Middle School Facilities


High School Facilities